The government has published a statement on promoting equality, equality and non-discrimination. The statement includes some welcome measures, such as the acquisition of anti-discrimination expertise in the Prime Minister's Office.

However, the statement does not affect the existing government programme, which foresees a number of measures to make it more difficult to enter and settle in Finland. Promoting equality and non-discrimination seems inadequate if, at the same time, Finland's doors are being closed. 

Why is the Artists' Association of Finland, which represents the interests of visual artists, interested in this issue?

We want to foster a diverse and equal visual arts scene and equal opportunities for visual artists working in Finland. If it becomes more difficult to enter Finland, it will also affect visual artists and visual art students working in Finland, as well as the opportunities for international artists to settle down and work in Finland.

In order to ensure that Finland has a high-quality, vibrant and internationally interesting art scene, it is important to foster opportunities for international artists to live and work in Finland and for Finnish artists to work, move and be seen internationally. 

Art crosses borders between nationalities and states. For it to be realized, it is required that artists must also be able to cross those boundaries.

You can find out more about our own equality work on our website.