The Artists’ Association of Finland is an advocate and expert association representing over 3000 professional artists in Finland. We promote the status and working conditions of visual artists and strengthen the role of visual arts in society.

What we do

The ultimate objective of the Artists’ Association of Finland is to enforce and promote the status of visual arts, the working conditions of visual artists and the importance of the arts in society. To this end, we work actively to influence cultural policy decision-making and promote the advocacy of visual arts, as well as offering services, help and support to professional visual artists. 

We provide up-to-date information about the industry to decision-makers, the media and art audiences. We develop the practices and structures in the field of visual arts together with other art industry organisations. The Association has a representative on the decision-making bodies of over 20 foundations, associations and organisations. Our member associations consist of six nationwide artists’ associations.

Strategia ja säännöt

Suomen Taiteilijaseuran strategia 2017–2021: Vahva kuvataide – Hyvinvoiva kuvataiteilija

Suomen Taiteilijaseuran strategia 2017–2021 korostaa seuran tehtävää kuvataiteen asiantuntijana, vaikuttajana ja ammattikuvataiteilijoiden puolestapuhujana. STS:n strategiassa on neljä painopistealuetta:

1. Teemme tavoitteellista, pitkäjänteistä yhteiskunnallista vaikuttamista.
2. Teemme vaikuttavaa viestintää.
3. Tuotamme laadukkaita neuvonta- ja asiantuntijapalveluita ja edistämme alan koulutusta.
4. Vaikutamme aktiivisesti kuvataiteen alan yhteistyörakenteisiin.

Board and representatives

The board of the Artists’ Association of Finland consists of representatives of the member associations. All board members are professional artists.

The chair of the board is Teemu Mäki, artist and Doctor of Fine Arts.

Members of the board:

Seela Petra Lehtonen, vice chair / The Association of Finnish Print Makers)
deputy Teija-Tuulia Ahola

Joonas Ahlava / The Association of Photographic Artists
deputy Sara Ahde

Siiri Haarla / Finnish Painters' Union
deputy Mikko Paakkola

Sampo Malin / The Association of Finnish Sculptors
deputy Denise Ziegler

Juhani Räisänen / Artists' Association Muu
deputy Markus Renvall

Margarita Rosselló Ramón / The Union of Finnish Art Associations
deputy Reetta Gröhn-Soininen


The representatives of the Artists’ Association of Finland meet twice a year. The member associations are represented at meetings by artist members who are chosen annually. Matters discussed in the meetings include the action plan and budget drawn up, the board as well as the annual report and financial statements. The representatives also decide on membership fees, how remuneration is paid to persons in elected positions, approval of financial statements and discharge. The representatives also select the chair and members of the board.

Member associations

The Artists’ Association of Finland has six member associations, which are nationwide artists’ associations.

Artists’ Association MUU

Muu ry is a national interdisciplinary art organisation that represents and promotes experimental modern arts (new media, video, light and sound arts) in Finland. MUU Ry was founded in 1987 and has approximately 650 members. MUU Ry is based in the Cable Factory in Helsinki, where it has facilities for events and exhibitions.

The Association of Finnish Sculptors

The Association of Finnish Sculptors is the national organisation for Finnish professional sculptors. Founded in 1910, the association promotes and exhibits Finnish sculpture and dimensional arts. The association has 450 members. As an expert in the discipline, the association offers guidance and information on questions relating to sculpture and represents the professional, economic and social interests of sculptors. The association has its own gallery, Galleria Sculptor, in Helsinki. The gallery also has a shop selling small sculptures made by members of the association.

The Union of Finnish Art Associations

Founded in 1938, The Union of Finnish Art Associations is the umbrella organisation for art associations in Finland with 52 member associations. The union advocates strengthening the position of its regional member associations and acts as the bridge between member associations. The association promotes equality across regions, the status of visual arts and the livelihoods of artists across the country. The association has its own gallery, SEINÄ, along with its offices in Helsinki.

The Association of Finnish Printmakers

Founded in 1931, The Association of Finnish Printmakers is a national association with a mission to promote awareness of print making and drawing as an art form. The association is actively involved in communications and exhibitions. The association’s exhibition activities, print sales and guidance services are intended for both members and non-members. The association has 370 members, and its exhibition facilities, Galleria G, and sales collection, Grafoteekki, are located in Helsinki.

Finnish Painters' Union

Founded in 1929, The Finnish Painters’ Union is the national association for painters in Finland. The association promotes visual arts and advocates for the improvement of painters’ professional and social benefits. The association has 1400 members, who are entitled to a wide range of services. The association has its office, art supply shop and the tm•galleria in Helsinki, and it holds an annual artwork sales event and other exhibitions.


The Association of Photographic Artists

Founded in 1988, the Association of Photographic Artists is a national interest group that works to promote the social status and appreciation of Finnish photographic art and artists in Finland. The association has over 450 members, including individuals and photographic art collectives. The Association of Photographic Artists has its own gallery, Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, in Helsinki. In addition to exhibitions, the association offers guidance and information services for its members and produces events, exhibitions and projects promoting photographic arts.


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