The exhibition payment is a compensation paid directly to the artists for the preparatory work done for museum exhibitions. These work tasks include ie. planning the exhibitions, the hanging of the works as well as the transportation of them, the communication, marketing and the participation of side events, such as artist meetings. 
The Artists’ Association of Finland has long promoted the establishment of the exhibition payment model in Finland in cooperation with designer’s association Ornamo and Finnish Museums Association.

In the fall of 2021, the Finnish government presented a one million euro appropriation for the establishment of the exhibition payment model for the budget of 2022. 
The exhibition payment model is a huge leap within the development of the industry: it strengthens the general income for artists and the appreciation for the work, as well as suggests a wider path towards cohesive contract- and compensation practices. 
The exhibition payment model is currently a widely discussed topic around the world. Several countries have published recommendations of the exhibition payment model or a remuneration for the hours the artist has worked. 


Fair Pay for Artists -symposium 2021

Fair Pay for Artists exhibition payment symposium was organised on the 24th of September 2021 in collaboration with Artists’ Association of Finland, the British umbrella organisation for visual arts, a-n the Artists Information Company, as well as European visual art organisation International Association of Art (IAA) Europe. 

Over the past few years, the exhibition payment model, as well as other compensation practices have been widely discussed topics within culture politics in most European countries. Currently, the aim is to also get the exhibition payment model established in Finland. In the symposium, international guest speakers gave examples of fair compensation practices in visual arts, as well as presented exhibition payment models in different countries.





Welcoming words
Julie Lomax, CEO, a-n The Artists Information Company

Opening speech
Antti Kurvinen, Minister of Science and Culture, Finland

How will artists get paid in the future? The rising importance of getting commercial income not only from selling art, but also from presenting art (linkki to the slides)
Teemu Mäki, Chairperson, The Artists’ Association of Finland

Kunstenaarshonorarium – the exhibition payment model in the Netherlands (linkki to the slides)
Rune Peitersen, Platform BK

Our collaborative working strategies, within the individual institutional, survival model
Jane & Louise Wilson, Newcastle University

Panel discussion: Implementation of the exhibition payment model in Finland as a political process.
Henri Terho, Special Advisor, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Sakarias Sokka, Researcher, Cupore - Center for Cultural Policy Research
Hilkka Kemppi, MP, Member of the Education and Culture Committee of the Finnish Parliament
Moderator Annukka Vähäsöyrinki, Director, The Artists’ Association of Finland

Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.): The politics of labour and work in an atomized field
Richard Birkett, Curator and member of W.A.G.E board

Juontaja: Laura Boxberg, Frame Contemporary Art Finland