A full-time artist is considered to be employed until such time as, based on information presented by the artist or obtained by other means, it is evident that their activities are no longer ongoing.

The termination of your self-employment is primarily determined on the basis of your own declaration. You may be asked to provide some reliable evidence to support your declaration. Such evidence could be, for example, the completion of a commissioned work or end of a grant period.

If these other criteria are met, your artistic activities are assumed to have been terminated, even if you are still included on the VAT register, prepayment register or trade register. Note that if you have an active YEL insurance policy, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

As an unemployed jobseeker, you are obliged to report any changes in your circumstances that may affect your eligibility (e.g. you start working as an artist again).

Even if you previously worked as a full-time artist, you can restart your artistic activities on a part-time basis.

Artists are allowed to maintain their professional skills during unemployment. You will not be considered self-employed if you are simply maintaining your professional skills in a way that improves your chances of employment in the future. There are specific guidelines concerning what is considered maintenance of professional skills.